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Approving the types

Requirements for a license to import t Peripheral devices

  • Commercial register (importers and exporters register)
  • Company incorporation certificate
  • A tax clearance certificate.
  • Financial ability certificate.
  • Professional engineer certificate.
  • Maintenance Workshop.
  • A letter addressed to the Director General of TPRA.


  • Fees for examining and approving a certificate of origin per shipment (100 pounds).
  • Fees for examination, testing, and issuance of a quality approval certificate (500 pounds).
  • Incoming shipment examination fees (100 pounds)
  • License fees (4000 pounds)

The above fees are subject to annual adjustment according to the regulations.

General conditions for licensing the import and marketing of peripheral devices

  • This license is limited to the import and marketing of final telecommunications equipment, spare parts and accessories used by subscribers.
  • Not to import any used or refurbished devices.
  • The license holder is obligated to import high-quality equipment in accordance with the appropriate specifications to function in the networks and systems operating in the country.
    Provide workshops for the maintenance of the equipment imported from your side, and provide them with qualified technical cadres.
  • The license holder is obligated to provide after-sales services, which include, at the very least, maintenance services and the provision of spare parts for the devices he markets.
  • The license holder is obligated to obtain a certificate of quality approval for the devices that are imported for the first time, with the exception for the devices for which the Authority publishes lists on its website.
  • The license holder must ensure that the declared specifications of his equipment conform to the actual specifications of the devices he is marketing.
  • Not to deal with devices that have not been released through the Telecommunications and Postal Regulatory Authority .
  • The licensee is obligated to issue certified invoices when selling devices and equipment specifying the warranty period and sale price.
  • The authority has the right to inspect your sites, including maintenance workshops.
  • The license is renewed annually according to the fees set by the Authority .

Requirements for importing and marketing wireless devices

  • Names of the company’s employees who will be involved with the devices (Name / Phone Number / Email).
  • tax clearance.
  • Certificate of Registration.
  • Technical specifications of the devices.
  • A workshop equipped for after-sales services.
  • Financial ability certificate.

Conditions for importing and marketing wireless devices

  • The devices that are allowed to be stored and displayed must be from the licensable devices within the specifications approved by the Authority.
  • The wireless devices to be stored and displayed must be un programmed.
  • The importer is responsible for the devices as long as they are in his warehouse or showroom, and in the event of its loss, the Authority must be notified immediately.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use the devices during display and storage, except with permission from the national Telecommunications device.
  • It is not allowed to use the stored equipment or use it as spare parts.
  • The transfer of ownership of these devices is not permitted except under a license from the National Telecommunications Authority granted to the new owner according to the regulations.
  • The Mere presence of the equipment with the importer does not mean that the Telecommunications and Post Regulatory Authority will ensure they are licensed for the use of license applicants, except in accordance with the rules approved by the Authority
  • It is not allowed to move devices from the place specified in the request for display or storage, without the approval of the Authority.
  • The Authority reserves the right not to approve the request without giving any reasons.
  • The Authority has the right to revoke the approval in the future if the instructions are not complied with, indicating the reasons for that.
  • The applicant must provide the Authority with the serial numbers of the devices after the Authority approves the request.
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