About the TPRA

The National Telecommunications Authority was established in September 1996 with the aim of providing an effective regulatory framework and appropriate controls to ensure fair competition and protect the interests of subscribers. The Authority, as a government agency, exercises its organizational functions with appropriate independence and comprehensive powers and competencies to perform its duties effectively.

In early 2018 AD, the new telecommunications and Post Act for the year 2018 was approved, which came as an alternative to the telecommunications Act of 2001, according to which the name of the National Telecommunications Corporation was changed to a new name: Telecommunications and Post Regulatory Authority. .

The Telecommunications and Post Regulatory Authority is the regulatory body responsible for regulating Telecommunications and post in Sudan.

The headquarters of the Telecommunications and Post Regulatory Authority is in Khartoum, and it may establish branches in all states of Sudan. It is subject to the supervision of the minister responsible for the telecommunications sector in carrying out its duties, fulfilling its tasks and exercising its powers.

The competent minister determines the directions and guidelines for the general policy of the institution in accordance with the state’s policies and plans.

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