Terms of Reference and powers

    •  Safeguarding the state’s national security and defense obligations and requirements, regional and international policies in coordination with the competent relevant authorities and the licensees.
    •  To come up with  guidelines, plans, programs of systems intended to provide telecommunications and postal services on the national level, taking into consideration balanced development, serving national and social objectives, and implementing state policies in regards to telecommunications and post.
    •  To establish  systems for planning, managing, allocating, licensing and monitoring the use of the spectrum, the operation and use of wireless devices , broadcasting stations taking into account the security aspects that related to it in coordination with the competent authorities.
    •  To design  specifications for the systems, devices and materials t used in the field of telecommunications and postal services , establish methods for measurement, compliance and monitoring in coordination with competent authorities
    •  To establish  and manage the national numbering plan.
    •  To establish,  organizing and run the postal address system.
    •  To ensure   full telecommunications and postal services coverage for all populated areas, economically active areas , urban rural and remote areas in affordable prices, up-to-date technologies and high quality.
    •  To ensure  the protection and confidentiality of post
    • To ensure  the utilization of the data resulting from the subscribers’ communications movement as specified by the regulations.
    •  To ensure  the commitment to transparency and justice among the licensees
    •  Take necessary measures and procedures to limit the non-competitive behaviors of the licensees, as specified by the regulations.
    •  Regulating domain names in Sudan; enact regulations for the use and applications of the internet while protecting confidentiality of information and limiting uses contrary to beliefs, values, morals and legacies.
    •  Coordination with competent authorities regarding the import, assembly and manufacture of devices, equipment and materials and systems of telecommunications , while issuing and accrediting quality approvals for such devices, equipment and materials.
    •  Establishing centers and units necessary to achieve its objectives.
    •  Representing the state in regional and international forums on telecommunications and post.
    •  Inspection, technical measurement, monitoring, control and supervision of all telecommunications activities and postal services in accordance with the principles and standards set by the regulations.
    •  To issue controls and guidelines to meet environmental and health standards in everything that is related to telecommunications and post, including e-waste, electromagnetic radiation, and harmful gas emissions, in coordination with competent authorities.
    •  Approving designs and specifications for post stamps and their publications.
    •  Possessing real estate and mobile assets and disposing of them according to the provisions of the law.
    •  sign contracts and agreements related to its competencies and powers in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.
    •  To employ workers deemed necessary to be employed to enable the Authority to carry out its duties, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws.

The Authority has been established for the following purposes:

  1.  Organizing and developing telecommunications and post to keep up with developments in the field
  2. Encouraging and protecting investment in the field of telecommunications and post services and applications, organizing free competition, providing favorable environment for the sector’s growth and considering it as a strategic national affair.
  3. To save the availability of interconnection and interoperability among the licensed networks
  4.  Developing human capabilities to raise the awareness and enhancing confidence in the field of telecommunications and post services
  5.  Enhancing Sudan’s role in the field of telecommunications and post services at the regional and international levels
  6.  To ensure full coverage of telecommunications and postal services to all populated areas and areas with economic activity , in addition to urban ,rural and remote areas
  7. To ensure  the optimal use of the frequency spectrum, numbering, post addresses and any other relevant scarce resources and optimize their use.
  8.  To ensure compliance with the provisions of regional and international agreements that are ratified by Sudan relating to telecommunications or postal services
  9. To ensure  secure international exits and submarine cables
  10. To protect the national security and the supreme interests of Sudan in the field of telecommunications, post and information technology

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