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The Telecommunications and Information Technology sector plays vital role in the Sudanese economy by keeping the state’s systems up to date with modern technologies. The communications market recently witnessed complete liberalization in all types of fixed and mobile communications, the thing that was positively reflected in terms of providing a lot of services to the subscribers in general, therefore ultimately helping create interactive advanced regulatory atmosphere aiming at promoting objective competition.
The roles were integrated by the 2018 Telecommunications &Post Regulation Act, marking the beginning of a promising new phase with the development of the regulatory legislation , out of which many policies and regulations emerged , in a way that created a comprehensive framework for the work systems in the fields of telecommunications and post services in Sudan. . This was accompanied by the implementation of many projects that promoted the standardization of work in the sector and clearly translated the vision and the mission of the authority.

Based on the Authority’s main objective of regulating and creating a fair competitive atmosphere , the dynamic of the telecommunications and postal market in the Sudan has resulted in a series of advanced services provided through secure and reliable networks, taking into account compliance with the international standards, in manners that satisfied all segments of subscribers whether that be individuals or institutions , and has even contributed to the promotion and increase of investment rates in the Telecommunications and Post sector.

The Telecommunications and Post Regulatory Authority comprises a significant number of engineers, technicians, jurists, economists, and administrators. In total, they form a group of dedicated sons of the homeland who work hard and are highly interested in achieving the goals of this institution. Each according to his specialization and the field he excelled in, and you will find every possible assistance from them in providing information, data, reports and consultations fulfilling the aspirations of the beneficiaries of this website.

In this regard, we mention the previous directors of the Telecommunications and Postal Regulatory Authority, for the great role they played and the strenuous effort they exerted to develop the infrastructure and the laws regulating work. This has in turn contributed to the stability of the sector, and it has become an effective starting point, they deserve from us all thanks and gratitude.

As a result of these continuous efforts, which extended to include upgrading the information content, both the website of the Telecommunications & Post Regulatory Authority and the E mail reflect all the organizational services that we provide to the public, in terms of regulations and regulatory frameworks of the sector, and other services that facilitate the procedures for service consumers as well as publishing important information in relation to the telecommunications and post sector , through the best means of communication with the Authority . .







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