Plan objectives :

  • Expanding the numbering capacities to remove bottlenecks in the capacity of the mobile operators in the numbering plan currently in effect.
  • Providing access to new operators in the field of mobile and fixed phones.
  • Allocate codes to meet the needs of personal numbers.
  • Understanding any new future technologies.
  • Abolishing the geographic numbering system for fixed telephones.
  • Maintaining the current subscriber numbers without any modification.

Allocate numbering groups to accommodate new services and Allocate toll-free numbers


Plan principles :

  • Increase the length of the numbering from 9 numbers to 10 numbers by adding a number after the international key (249) representing a symbol indicating the type of service and referred to as (T).
  • Combining the codes used in the previous plan to determine the type of service (ST) and the operator code (OP) into a single two-digit key symbolizing the operator (P). This ensures the possibility of accommodating a large number of operators in each service type and also maintains the numbering capacities assigned in each range My number is 10,000,000 numbers.
  • Increasing the length of the numbering in this way maintains the same numbering of the subscriber.

The proposed plan allows for more than one numbering range for each of the existing operators.


National numbering plan

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