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The Telecommunications and Post Regulatory Authority pays great attention to consulting the stakeholders / beneficiaries before taking any regulatory decision within the competencies of the Authority, in order to ensure that the Authority’s decisions are taken after consulting partners and are based on much information and opinions. The consultations carried out by the Authority may be limited to stakeholders in the telecommunications and post sectors (specialized), or could be open to the general public. These consultations also aim to obtain as much opinions and suggestions as possible , and it is desirable that they be supported by data and attachments.
The Telecommunications and Post Regulatory Authority determines the time frame for each consultation separately, while the stakeholders must adhere to this time frame.
To enable all parties to know the views of the other parties, TPRA will publish all the received answers on the Authority’s web page.

General consultation documents contain:

  • An interface that contains basic data.
  • A page that includes a list of contents.
  • A brief summary of not more than two pages.
  • Focal point contact details (caller name, email, date the response was sent).
  • Response form.
  • Any attachments, if necessary.

The Authority will clarify complex technical issues that are mentioned in the consultation application. In addition, the Authority will be keen on conducting formal consultations and simplify documents making them easier to understand.

  • Specialized consultations

There are no specialized consultations offered at the moment

  • General consultations

No general consultations are offered at the moment

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